My soldier husband was coming back from Afghanistan and I desperately wanted to lose extra 20 pounds before that. Before downloading your weight loss system, I have had tried few products. That turned out to be depressing experience.

When I came to your page, I could not disagree with you premise of weight loss. So, I downloaded your system to giving it a try. It was hard to believe, but I lost 10 and half pounds in very first week. I was happy, actually, very happy.
After 3 days of pause, I repeated the same plan and lost 8 pounds. Thank God.

Now I am waiting for my husband. Lol.  My question is why did not I lose 15 pounds in the very first week and same in second week?
I have to be honest, I was skeptical about your product after vainly trying so many diets, pills and products. Couple of products seemed working first week but very next week those were backfiring. I am following your plan for last three weeks. So far, I have lost 19 pounds. I admit, last week, I could not follow the plan properly.

My current weight is 175 pounds. I feel and look great. I am 100 percent convinced, your dieting system works and does not backfire.

I will definitely post review of your system on my blog. Thank you so much for this help and wonderful weight loss knowledge.
I had never imagined that I will be able to get teen days' slim body back. Your simple eBook has done the wonder that nothing could do.

My husband left me because of my weight but now he drools after me, but I shun him.

After losing 71 pounds, I feel like soaring in the clouds.
Thanks you for making my life heaven.
Do you remember me? I emailed you three weeks ago and promised you leave feedback if your product worked for me. Here I am.

Well, in last two weeks, I have lost 14 pounds making use of two tricks from "Eat-Weight-Off" Part 5.

I can't believe simple food can be that powerful. I will continue to use these tricks till I get slim like I want to.
You book is a treasure of useful information.

Dear Dr. Boules,

I really don't have words how to thank you for this pleasant change that you have brought in my life. You simply are my saviour.

Few pounds around my hips were clouding my beauty. I don't know why other fat loss methods did not work on me. Even "weight watchers" failed; whereas, your weight loss system has made fat loss go so easy. I wish I had your system since my struggle with body fat started.
Jane Maierl,

Helena, Montana,

Marco ,

Annapolis, Maryland,

Jennifer Godman,



Cynthia Johnson,


Hyla Anne Mcgrath,

Perth ,

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