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Losing Weight, Quickly:-

Quick results are always encouraging. So, if you do lose weight quickly, your interest in losing weight gets multiplied and you do keep on working on your plans.

Losing weight cannot be made quicker than a certain level because of chances of skin becoming flabby. If you lose 10 to 15 pounds per week, skin does not lose its tightness.

Losing Weight Without Starving:-

It is possible to lose weight by starving yourself; but it is not realistic and healthy method of losing weight. You cannot afford to continue depriving your body of necessray nutrients for long time.

So no sooner you start normal food, you do get back all the lost weight even quickly; because when you are not eating enough, body goes in "starvation mode" and as you resume normal eating, your body starts making up nutritive deficiencies----eventually bringing you on an even aggravated stage. In "eat-weight-off" you got to learn to lose weight by eating your favorite foods.

Losing Weight Permanently-

Losing weight permanently is possible only when it is lost realistically. Eliminating causes of weight gain and eating healthy foods in required quantities can help you lose weight and never regain it.

Other methods of losing weight fail and are not very popular because of their reverse effects. If you lose 20 pounds, you will regain 30 pounds within days after you stop any of the un-realistic weight loss method like starvation, crash diets, pills and drugs etc.  After all, you cannot continue starving yourself or swallowing pills all your life!

Losing Weight Without Pills:-

It is true that weight loss pills and drugs help lose weight but the other side of truth is that these pills are not only temporary relief but are injurious for your health to great extent. Stopping swallowing pills results into weight gain.

All kinds of weight loss pills like herbal pills, diet supplement pills, and all other weight loss drugs or liquids are not only unreasonable ways of losing weight, rather these are injurious to health.

Weight loss pills can help you lose little bit of weight but by putting everything on stake? Increased blood pressure, decreased metabolism and heart troubles are commonly known problems caused by weight-control pills. You will regain back all of the lost weight as soon as you stop swallowing pills.

Losing Weight Safely:-

The best way of losing weight is losing it in healthy way so that your body does not register any of the harmful effects. Losing weight with food is totally safe and sound.

In "Eat Weight Off" it is made possible that you lose weight without falling prey to any side effects. Same food that you eat day and night if eaten with little variation can make you slim and thinner within days.

Haven't you seen Chinese and Asian people? They do not consume less food than their American counterparts, but it is rare to see a Chinese or Asian going out of proportions. Even when these Asians settle in USA as immigrants, they consume American food in large quantities but they seldom get overweight. Have you ever wondered, why? In "eat-weight-off" the secret is elaborated to full length.

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