Crash Diets Have Miserably Failed:-

A crash diet is a diet which is extreme in its deprivations, typically severely restricting calorie intake. In other words a Crash Diet forces your metabolism to not burn as many calories as are required to maintain your energy level. Thus a crash diet differs from outright starvation only slightly. Such diets are typically unhealthy and are rarely - if ever - recommended by doctors or dietitians. Crash diets can lead to malnutrition, and are not a recommended means of weight loss. After a person discontinues a crash diet, the "yo-yo effect" is often seen. This causes a person to eat far more than normal, causing them to regain even more weight than before.
Weight-loss Centers Work But:-

It is possible to lose weight at weight loss centers and clinics but problem is these not only very costly but do rarely show desired results. They make it imperative on you that you join their centers on regular basis; which is near impossible in this fast modern age. And on top of it, they sell you their dietary supplements. So all the effort for losing weight is yours not theirs. And no sooner you will stop going to weight loss center, you will regain weight. These weight loss centers and clinics are meant for rich people, middle class simply cannot afford this extravagance.
Low Carb Diets Have Failed:-

It is far better that you remain overweight than losing weight by carrying out any low carb diet plan. Low carb diets plans are not only very hard to follow but these deprive your body of vital energy--- thus rendering it miserably "half-active" and sunken. After two weeks of low carb diets, you will notice that you have lost some weight. But, is it fat that you have lost? No, it is muscle. Fat is yet intact there in your body. Never forget -- LOSING BODY FAT IS YOUR ONLY GOAL, NOT MUSCLES TISSUES.
Low fat Diets Have Failed:-

It is quite possible to lose weight by eating pure low fat diets, but yet there is a big paradox.

Before low fats diets came into fashion in American society two decades ago, there was only one overweight person among every five people; whereas now every four people are overweight or obese among every five Americans. Is it not a big failure of low fat diets? They help you lose weight but no sooner you start normal food, you regain back all the lost weight-----sometimes even more. Pure low fats diets really reduce weight but you will seldom eat them. All the inorganic low fat diets are rarely up to their labels.
Fatigue and hyper-activity,

Heart arrhythmias and palpitations,

Congestive heart failure or heart attack,




Restlessness, Insomnia,

High blood pressure,

Dry mouth,
Low Calorie Diets Have Failed:-

alories are fuel for our body and are necessary for every small action that is performed inside body. Even fat-burning process and metabolism will slow down if there will not be sufficient calories in body.

An overweight person needs wholesome amount of calories to burn fats in the body. That is why low calorie diets do not show any remarkable effect on overweight people even if these are used for long time. Like low fat diets, these are rarely up to their labels.
Like other companies the main target of LA Weight loss, Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers is to maximize their profits. Jenny sells her membership which is $ 20 plus cost of the food. Altogether it will cost you $ 12 per day. Result is that you are paying hugely for just a diet (die+t).

LA Weight Loss is not different. You have to buy what they call LA LITES. Nothing more than sugar and soy bars to control sugar urges and creating a feeling of being full. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY THESE BUT YOU WILL BE FORCED TO! Why?------Just because, like other big companies, profit and only profit is their target; So, you need approximately 80 boxes: $28.00 for each box. That's right another 2,240.00!

Weight watchers will charge $ 30 sign up fee. You have to attend weekly meeting and pay $ 11 for each meeting. So, the first month will run you about $ 74.00. And after this it's about 44.00 per month. And, don't think of skipping a meeting. If you will, you will have to pay penalty.

They tell you that you can eat anything you want as long as you are within limits of 22 points per day. A slice of chocolate cake, even a small one is
about 13 points.
Books and ebooks have failed :-

Books could be really very good medium of teaching and training people how to lose weight if these are written with honest intent. I have read quite a few books and e-books and I found almost all of them immersed in boring scientific jargon and needless details. Out of whole book you will find just one or two pages of useful information.
Big Names Of Weight Loss Industry Have Failed:-
But How to Lose Weight
Without Failing?
Lets first determine the real cause of your excessive weight.

In order to find permanent and definite solution to weight loss we must determine the real cause of weight gain and kill all the prevalent myths.

Don't blame Your Genes.

Yes, it is true that you are overweight not because of your genes! It is bogus theory and sells hopelessness only. Ancient Chinese health sciences rule out genetic causes of obesity and a recent study has found that genes do not transport excessive weight and obesity.

Have you seen any overweight doctor or nutritionist? Certainly not, because doctors and nutritionists know what to eat, how to eat and when to eat. There are thousands of doctors and nutritionists whose parents were overweight but why did they not inherit fattening genes? This fact rules out gene theory of excessive weight and obesity.

Bellyful Of Food Gives You Contentment, Energy And Life.

Eating bellyful of your favorite food is your birth right and you are justified in doing so. Eating food till you feel satiated is a pleasure. You cannot afford to miss this pleasure for long. Eastern people eat everything but seldom get overweight. Even in western societies you will find millions of people who eat everything and yet do not gain weight.

Lack of Exercise Doesn't Make You Overweight.

It is paradoxical to believe that lack of exercise makes you overweight. Exercise can help you lose weight but that does not mean that lack of exercising made you overweight. Almost more than 90 % of people don't exercise but all of them are not overweight. Exercise is one of many ways of losing weight and staying healthy. But lack of exercise is not responsible for your excessive weight and obesity.
You are Overweight Because:-
You are overweight because of your unhealthy and faulty liver, which is not detoxifying your blood and producing enough of fat-burning hormones. Instead it is letting fats pile up and water retain in your body.

Liver is very vital organ in your body and your survival is dependent on the liver's ability to perform its functions. It not only produces fat-burning hormones, rather it activates and regulates hormones produced by thyroid.

Those who have healthy liver can not be overweight, no matter what they eat.

Restoration of liver's health is guaranteed start of weight loss.

Being an overweight person, you have two goals to achieve: Losing the existing fat and staying slim all your life .
Will you believe if I tell you that permanent solution to weight loss is food and food only?
It's absolutely true.
Wrong food made you overweight, right food with make you slim

Food is energy as well as a POWERFUL medicine. Thanks to these qualities, food can bring lots of changes in our body by manipulating different types of hormones.

Food can make you overweight
Food can make you thin.
Food can make you healthy.
Food can make you sick!
Food can make you happy
Food can make you sad!
Food can make you weak
Food can make you strong
Food can increase or or decrease your libido

Let me explain how food makes a powerful weight loss medicine.
Your metabolism is controlled by hormones and hormones are controlled by foods you eat.

Special diet plans can improve health and functions of glands like liver, thyroid etc. causing them to release fat-burning hormones in blood stream, hence speeding up fat-burning process to higher levels. Not only this, right dieting system can permanently restore liver’s health to the optimum. A man with healthy liver cannot be overweight as a rule.  Have you seen some people who eat everything but are not overweight? They are the ones who have healthy liver.

But Where to Start With?
If you have good food knowledge, you can make your own dieting system that burns body fat while promoting liver and other organs' health.

You might have become skeptical about every weight loss system after failing to lose weight using most of the conventional weight loss systems.

Or for the price of just one fattening dinner, you can download Dr. Isaac Boules’ Diet plans and start losing weight right today, without starvation and hard exercises. 

The diet plans given in the book are easy to follow and most effective. Even doctors recommend them to the patients who need to lose weight fast.

You will find variety of diet plans. So, you can choose any of the plans that befits your lifestyle. In each plan, you will have wide range of options to choose your meals from.

This book is loaded with never-told-before weight loss information.  After skimming through this book, you will feel now it is up to you when you

choose to start losing weight, today or tomorrow.

The best thing about Eat Weight Off is that unlike other plans and programs, you will not get back the lost weight; because eat-weight off not only

improves liver’s health but also boosts metabolism to the maximum.

"Eat Weight Off" is a "failure-proof" system that will help you lose 10 TO 15 POUNDS EVERY 7 DAYS.

Believe it or not but it is true.

If you start using our weight loss system from today, next week you could be at least 10 pounds lighter. It is totally realistic way of losing weight. You'll not be required to starve yourself or do strenuous exercises.

How does "Eat Weight Off" exactly work?

(1) It  restores health of the glands that produce fat burning hormones----like liver and thyroid etc.

(2) it extracts maximum quantity of fat burning hormones as is safely possible. It is like *feeding and fostering* a cow first and then milking it.

(3) It helps body to shed water retention and rids off metabolised fats. It improves kindey's functions.

(4) It cleanses colon while improving intestinal movement. 

(5) Eventually it sets body on fat-burning mode.

Healthy liver starts an automatic process of fat loss. A person who has a healthy liver and digestive system can not be overweight as a rule.

Even if you are 600 Lbs; even if you are gaining weight at alarming speed; Even if everything has failed on you, yet you must not lose hope because there is always a right solution
Lose 10 to 15 Pounds a Week,
Losing weight is not a big deal. You can lose weight by following few dietary cautions.

Big deal is getting a fully balanced body. It should be healthy inside and should look healthy

outside. Our weight loss system not only helps you lose weight faster than any other weight loss

system; it will help you get a totally balanced body. You will also learn how to stay slim all your life.

That is why our diet mainly focuses on improving the functions of liver and thyroid so that

weight loss is safe and permanent.
Our diet does not shed weight by playing tricks or confusing your body, like some diets claim. It eliminates the

causes, restores organs and their functions and maximizes hormonal yield.

We will, definitely, show you proof .

But, remember, this proof does not show you total effectiveness of our diet.

These are "before and after" pictures submitted to us by few customers as their own way of showing gratitude to us. The display is

with permission. 
Getting a Balanced Body!
It Will Help You Lose Weight, Quickly:-

Quick results are always encouraging. So if you will lose weight quickly your interest in losing weight will be multiplied and you will keep on working on your plans.

Losing weight cannot be made quicker than a certain level because of chances of skin becoming flabby. If you lose up to 15 pound per week, skin does not lose its tightness.

It Will Help You Lose Weight Without Starving:-

It is possible to lose weight by starving yourself but it is not realistic and healthy to lose weight. You cannot continue food abstinence for long time.

So no sooner you will start normal food, you will get back all the lost weight even quickly because when you are not eating enough, body goes in "starvation mode" and no sooner you start eating again, your body starts making up all the deficiency----eventually bringing you on same stage as it was before you started starvation. In "eat-weight-off" you will learn to lose weight by eating your favorite foods.

It Will Help You Lose Weight Permanently:-

Losing weight permanently is possible only when it is lost realistically. Eliminating causes of weight gain and eating healthy foods in required quantities can help you lose weight and never regain it.

Other methods of losing weight fail and are not very popular because of their reverse effects. If you lose 20 pounds, you will regain 30 pounds within days after you stop that method. For example, if you lose weight by starving yourself, you will regain more weight after you stop starving yourself. After all you cannot continue starving yourself all your life!
It Will Help You Get Rid of Weight Loss Supplements and Pills:-

It is true that weight loss pills and drugs help lose weight but the other side of truth is that these pills are not only temporary relief but are injurious for your health to great extent. Stopping swallowing pills results into weight gain.

All kinds of weight loss pills like herbal pills, diet supplement pills, and all other weight loss drugs or liquids are not only unreasonable ways of losing weight, rather these are injurious to health.

Weight loss pills can help you lose little bit of weight but by putting everything on stake? Increased blood pressure, decreased metabolism and heart troubles are commonly known problems caused by weight-control pills. You will regain back all of the lost weight as soon as you stop swallowing pills.

It Will Help You Lose Weight Safely:-

The best way of losing weight is losing it in healthy way so that your body does not register any harmful effects. Losing weight with food is totally safe and sound.

In "Eat Weight Off" it is made possible that you lose weight without any side effects. Same food that you eat day and night if eaten with little variation can make you slim thinner within days.

Haven't you seen Chinese and Asian people? They do not consume less food than their American counterparts, but it is rare to see a Chinese or Asian going out of proportions. When Asians settle in USA as immigrants, they consume American food in large quantities but they seldom get overweight. Have you ever wondered, why? In "eat-weight-off" the secret is elaborated to full length
Frequently Asked Questions!

FAQ # 1

Is Eat Weight Off available in stores?

No, it is not an hard copy book and it is not available in stores. It is an e-book in PDF format that can be downloaded in computer right after payment. However, if you fail to download book in your computer, you can send an email at, we will send you book in email as email attachment within six hours.

FAQ # 2

I want to lose 20 pounds very urgently because of a coming party. How quickly can I lose these unwanted pounds?

You can lose 10 to 15 pounds every 7 days. If your metabolism is fairly fast then you can lose up to 15 pounds in 7 days by using our "Emergency-Dieting Sysem" . However, if your metabolism is slow then you will be able to lose up to 10 pounds every 7 days. You can repeat this system as many times as you want with gap of three days.

FAQ # 3

What makes "Eat-Weight-Off" so different from other weight loss systems?

"Eat-Weight-Off" is loaded with the most powerful weight loss plans, programs and tricks. Here are few :-

1-Emergency-Dieting-System"  (this plan rarely fails shedding 10 to 15 pounds every 7 days)
2-Ultimate-Dieting-System" (provides wide range of food choices (sheds 20 pounds in 30 days)
3-Secret to switch Your Body Constitution from Fat Storer to Fat Burner.
4-Chinese Hidden Dietary Secrets (To promote liver's health and improve bowl's movement)
5-Fat-Flushing-Plans and Secrets
6- Secrets to Boost Your Metabolism by Improving Glandular Health
6-Many sure-fire secrets to melt fat and cure water retention.
(For more details please read "contents-list")

FAQ # 4

I have tried everything but my weight does not budge, will your product help me lose some weight?

Our weight loss system is different from other weight loss systems because it addresses the real cause of weight gain and terminates it. Every effect has one cause. Weight gain has a cause too, so if you address that cause, you will not only lose weight but also will get a fit and healthy body. Unlike other books that are heavily engrossed in scientific jargon, "Eat-Weight-Off" is written in simple, easy and in layman's language so that every one could understand and benefit from it.

FAQ # 5

Does your weight loss system work for everyone?

Yes, it works for everyone, because it addresses real cause of weight gain. So, no matter what age group you are, you will lose weight for sure. The only difference is that if you are under forty years, you will lose 10 to 15 pounds every 7 days. However if you are above forty years you will lose 8 to 12 pounds every 7 days because of slower metabolism.

FAQ # 6

1) I am 40 years old, my body is not a fat body but I have lots of fats piled around my belly, can you help me lose it?

2) I want to lose fats from around my hips because my hips look huge as compared to rest of my body. I am only 25 years old. Can your system help me lose those ugly pounds?

Yes Our system targets fat wherever it is excessively piled in body, hips, thighs, belly etc. It is written with the purpose of giving you slim and totally balanced body within weeks.

FAQ # 7

My wife is diabetic. Is your diet safe for her to lose weight with your weight loss system?

Yes, she can safely lose weight using our dieting system because it is based on healthy principles. Unlike other dieting systems, she doesn't have to starve herself to lose weight. She will be eating healthy and fat-burning foods without spiking blood sugar. After losing excessessive weight, her blood sugar will get normalized

FAQ # 8

Will I be able to lose weight without sacrificing foods of my choice?

You will enjoy majority of foods that you like. You may have to reduce quantity of few extremely fattening foods. However, you can yet consume those foods every now and then while following few tricks. Once, you get slim, you can start eating whatever you want.

FAQ # 9

I am 23 years old Arab girl with 191 pounds of weight. My problem is that my parents have fixed my marriage next month. I, desperately, want to lose some weight till then. I have only 43 days left in my marriage. How many pounds can I lose with your system till then?

Well, you can lose at least 35 to 40 pounds before your marriage. I wish you had contacted us two months back. I guarantee you, you would have made a 110 pounds bride at your marriage. That said, you can yet lose some weight before your marriage to make a good looking bride. You can continue weight loss process after marriage.

The good part of "Eat-Weight-Off" is that it will enhance your knowledge about foods and their effect on your body. If you could know effects of what you are eating on your body, you will definitely become careful consumer of food. Ignorance is one of the major causes of weight gain.

Not only that you will learn about foods and their fattening and fat-burning effects, rather you will learn about the habits of quick weight losers. No ebook has ever been written with such simplicity and clarity. No technical jargon and boring details are given to fill the pages.

No body who simply goes through "Eat-Weight-Off" can help losing weight without any deliberate effort because of solutions being so simple.
Remember, your body fat is not stronger than your will.

Success formula is simple: commitment + timely action = success.
Every moment is precious. Success comes to those who take right action without any delay.

If you think that you will start losing weight next week or next month. That week or month will never come.

It is, actually, your sluggishness that stops you taking timely action. This sluggishness is your biggest enemy. You have to defeat it first.
Getting a totally fat free body was never so easy
Let few unwanted pounds not cloud your beauty, talents and grace.  Will you like that a slim but dumb and ugly person is given precedence on you at a job interview-----just because of your few extra pounds? It is painful but it is true.

If you have a quick decision power, you can melt clusters of fat on your body and start a life that is full of romance, success, wealth and pleasure.

You can be, at the lowest, ten pounds lighter in just 7 days; 20 pounds in 14 days; 30 pounds in 21 days-----and that too without any strenuous exercises or starvation.

Now ball is in your court. You have to decide what you want-------Old body or new body and new life!

***Please remember, after the payment is complete you will land on download page. On this page book is available for download (in Pdf format).

Just follow the insturstions to download book in your computer. However, if you fail to download, please contact us at We will provide you timely support.

* Our discount will continue to apply on every customer from any part of the world. It will continue till new price policy is introducd.
Weight loss is only matter of weeks, now!
Guaranteed Weight Loss:-

Undeniable results of my dieting system are the good reason that encourages me to assure you of guaranteed weight loss. Just imagine that my system has not failed on a single person who has earnestly used it.  Even stubborn fat can not resist it. The main reason of this precision is its underlying true weight loss science. No other weight loss product can claim 100 % guaranteed results.  

Better Health:-

My program will not only help you lose weight fast, it will improve your total health too. Sound heart, low cholesterol, healthy liver and lungs, normal blood pressure and low risk of diabetes and cancer are the health benefits that will come along as you will start losing weight with my weight loss system. Not only this, you will live at least 20 years longer and look at least 10 years younger.

Slim Body Forver

Though my dieting plan will start an automatic fat-burning process that will help you stay slim for a very long time. However, if ever you gain few pounds because of lots of partying and eating carelessness, just repeat out dieting system once to lose all the extra pounds. This way you will stay slim all your life. And you don't have to worry about putting on weight back.

Self-esteem, Confidence, Success and Money

On one side my dieting system will be helping you lose weight; on other side it will be restoring your self-esteem and confidence in yourself.  Success and money will be following you. It will be start of totally different and pleasant life.

Different Surveys show that overweight people have low self esteem even if they have good education, wealth and good looks. They are considered as the last option at job interviews, even after having impressive resumes.
The same surveys have further shown that as soon as volunteers in surveys lost excessive weight, they got good jobs and their annual income increased two to four folds.

Grace, Glamour and Romance Will Follow You.

Beauty gets buried under layers of fat. It is true. Slimness has become synonym for grace and glamour. Romance just follows slimness. The word ugly can not be used for an adjective for a person who is slim.

My dieting plan will help you discover a chiseled body from under the layers of fat. You will love your new body because people will love it. Your romantic life will get a kick start.
Here is How "Eat-Weight-Off" Will Change Your Life
If you don't buy "Eat-Weight-Off " Today !
If you don't buy this e-book today, it is your choice. Buy it only when you feel fully convinced to buy it. However, you must remember that till then you will not only be losing precious moments of pleasures and graces of of slim body, you will be suffering agony of an overweight body too! Time is ticking and every moment is precious.

You can try other products before downloading "Eat-Weight-Off". If other products and systems fail in helping you lose weight, don't forget to try our fat loss system last. It will not disappoint you at all, because it has never failed on a single person.

Instant Access
“Eat weight off” is based on “Eastern Digestive Sciences” that help you lose weight by eating more. Our research and experience has found that “eastern digestive sciences” are realistic, effective and easy to follow.

Eastern people eat more than their western counterparts and yet they rarely get overweight. They remain almost same weight while eating western foods. The reason is simple: their digestive systems are set on fat burning mode. So, it does not matter for them what they eat and how much they eat, they must remain slim!

Just learn to put your body on automatic fat-burning mode and a natural, permanent and fast weight loss will come along.
* We can not display all the contents of our dieting system in bold letters on our website. But let us assure you that you will find much more useful information than what is highlighted here.

After browsing all the vital information given in our system you cannot, as a rule, remain overweight. You are overweight because you don't know what makes you overweight and how to start losing it realistically, naturally and permanently.
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Weight-loss Pills Have Failed:-

You can lose weight to some extent by swallowing pills and drugs. But you will have to put your health on risk. All kinds of weight loss pills like herbal pills, diet supplement pills, and all other weight loss drugs or liquids are not only unreasonable ways of losing weight, rather these are injurious to health.

Increased blood pressure, decreased metabolism and heart troubles are commonly known problems caused by weight-control pills. You will regain back all of lost weight no sooner you  stop swallowing pills. Some of the side-effects of weight loss pills are as under: -
Vomiting and diarrhea or constipation,

Intestinal disturbances,

Tightness in chest,

Tingling in extremities,

Excessive perspiration,

Other side effects include tremors, confusion, heart attack and convulsions, hallucinations, shallow breathing, renal failure, disruption in menstrual cycle, change in libido, hair loss, blurred vision, fever and urinary tract problems, dizziness, disruption in menstrual cycle, change in libido, hair loss, blurred vision,fever and urinary tract problems etc.
Without Starvation &
Hard Exercises